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" Its great to know that while we are at work we are getting free hot water "

Simple to install wireless energy sensor

The Solar iBoost+ unit receives information wirelessly from the sender unit and controls the power to the immersion heater.

Simply clamp the sensor around the household “live” outgoing supply cable at the electricity meter.

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Original Solar iBoost owner

It’s really easy to install and does exactly what it says it will do. The customers like it because of it’s wireless capabilities.

John, Installer, Skyenergy.

Immersion Heater

Use your existing immersion heater

Wall mount the Solar iBoost+ close to the hot water tank

Connect the solar iBoost+ in the cable between the existing fused spur and immersion heater.

Original Solar iBoost owner
We are delighted with the addition of Solar iBoost+ to our modest 2kW PV panels. I’ve cut back on the gas boiler considerably this first summer and some days seen Water Hot on the display. We are mostly out at work and it’s a good feeling to get free hot water and keep our bills down.

– Mr & Mrs JS Young. 2.16kWp array installed

Enjoy your FREE hot water and watch your savings grow!!

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Maximise the use of the free solar energy generated at your property

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Cutting the cost of heating your water

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Reduced use of your boiler

Solar iBoost+ uses ONLY energy that would be exported, unlike some similar products, so you take the opportunity to use as much of the free energy that, unless you have an export meter, you are paid for anyway!